25 Basic Rules & Guides in Hospitality

(GA, Jan. 2014)

1.    Passion, Pride and People (love all of them).

2.    Anticipate and respond to the ever evolving new trends and customers’ expectations.

3.    Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Attract your customers with a price, a feature, a smile etc.

4.    Keep hospitality standards on high level, even if you sometimes lose with cheaper competition.

5.    Waiting for tomorrow’s technology to arrive, it puts you back to-day.

6.    What’s social media tells you about your hotel?

7.    Is the increase of room revenue in line with the cost increase of acquiring a customer?

8.    Accept that mobile is not a “fad” but a very important tool to book rooms in your hotel.

9.    Protect your data, watch out for the so-called “data brokers” who sale your important records.

10.   Never stop looking – searching for new sources of business.

11.   Can you book room at your hotel with 4 clicks?

12.   Manage your room segmentations well in order to manage well your hotel, if not the hotel will manage you.

13.   What is more important to you; a good employee or a good customer?

14.   What is your cost of attracting a new employee vs. the cost of attracting a new customer?

15.   Treat your business like a Family. Protect your team, counsel accordingly and retain staff as much as possible.

16.   Nothing personal, strictly business. Do not mix personal with business.

17.   Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Monitor very carefully what the competition does.

18.   Shall not make any money at the expense of quality.

19.   Never start something you don’t intend to finish.

20.   Don’t make a treat you don’t intend to carry out.

21.   Never make a promise you don’t intend to keep.

22.   Your business is only as good as the people working in it. You can’t be there 24 hours a day!

23.   Hang on to good staff as much as you can.

24.   A room or a restaurant seat not sold to-day’s gone forever.

25.   The time to resign is when the job is done – never before.